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DIY: How to make shoulder tucks. How to move a shoulder tuck. Sewing tutorial.

Today I want to tell you about shoulder tucks. Why do we need it? Do we always need it?
A lot of people ask me if they can make an item without shoulder tucks. Of course you can! There are a lot items made without shoulder tucks. It depends on the design and the fit of an item.
Why do we need a shoulder tuck? It’s main purpose is to make a back part of an arm-hole fit you perfectly.
Shoulder tuck is essential in the elegant item of a close fit. Of course you don’t need it in a sport costume or knit blouse.
You can make items without shoulder tucks, but I recommend learning how to make items with them first.
I want you to understand the technique, to learn how the shoulders should fit you.
It’s harder to make an item without shoulder tucks fit you. It’s also much harder to insert a sleeve in an item without shoulder tucks.
I’m not saying that I always make items with shoulder tucks. Everything depends on design and fit.
You’ll see the both options – with a tuck and without. Try both options and decide which you like more.
In a basic pattern made using my 10-measurement cutting system there are shoulder tucks.
The thing is that you can move them just like any other tucks.
Ladies, remember that practice makes perfect.
Don’t waste time thinking how to do something – do it!
My name is Paukshte Irina.
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