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DIY/Reform old Patiyala Salwar in Palazzo/Redesign indian dress in western dress in 5 min/Restyle

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“Palazzo Pants” are very much in fashion these days. So here I am with the easiest method of marking of Palazzo pants reforming Salwar. Just follow the easy instructions and make your own stylish Palazzo Pants using old Salwar.
◆ Your Total Desire Lenght
◆ width of Palazzo
Mine = 14 inches (it may vary)
◆ Pouncha/Mohra/Bottom cut Measure
(Waist size ÷ 4) + 2-3 inches extra for sewing allowance.
Mine = (28″ ÷ 4) + 3″
= 7+3 = 10 inches (25.4 cm)

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