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parallel salwars

NFDC presents PARINAMAM (Malayalam) – Promo

NFDC presents PARINAMAM – Promo Buy official DVD of PARINAMAM @ Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Parinamam tackles the age old issue of loneliness and redundancy among the aged. Balakrishna Marar faces callous treatment from his family after his retirement. Parallel to his story is that of the mentally disturbed and lonely former …

parallel salwars

NFDC presents TRISHAGNI (Hindi) – Promo

NFDC presents TRISHAGNI (Hindi) – Promo Buy official DVD of TRISHAGNI @ Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Story: The film is set in a Central Asian desert in the 1st Century B.C. A sandstorm strikes the Buddhist town of Sariput, leaving just four survivors — two monks and two children — in the …