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Our favorite jean meets our favorite decade. Made from premium non-stretch Japanese denim for a vintage-inspired look, the ’90s Cheeky Jean has an easy straight leg, an extra-high rise, and a butt-boosting rear fit.

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  • Indo Era
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  • Born Babies
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  • Sangria
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  • Traditional Indian clothing is known for its eye-catching and colorful designs that reflect India’s rich cultural heritage. The sari is perhaps the most iconic of these traditional garments. Women often prefer this elegant dress on special occasions, weddings or festivals. Men usually wear a kurta, usually made of a colorful and patterned fabric, with traditional lower garments called kurta-pajama or dhoti.

    Modern Indian clothing offers a contemporary style by combining traditional designs with modern touches. For example, Anarkali dresses combine traditional cuts with modern details, offering an elegant and stylish look. Additionally, modern Indian dresses called lehenga choli are often preferred at weddings and special events.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 22 × 33 × 44 cm

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